Character Type “1” (Active)

His/her head is small, hair is brown or chestnut-colored, face is rounded, shoulders are wide, skin is pink on white and bright, small or normal nose, thin and elegant body, strong muscles. He/she is usually a happy person, likes things that make him/her happy, loves community and chatting therefore he/she is a social and an active person. He/she can sweat easily and that makes his/her body healthy, hard and strong. Some little things can easily effect his/her sensuality. He/she can meet big events that change his/her behaviors in his/her life. He/she can be little bit fickle but usually he/she is a sincere person. He/she can’t keep secrets. He/she is arrogant. He/she has lots of pleasures. He/she is not very jealous. He/she speaks little bit loudly. If you want to cause him/her to forget something, you will have to wait a few days for it. He/she always wants his/her friends around him/her. He/she can easily get angry but becomes calm soon. His/her body parts always active. He/she can’t be serious for half an hour, laughs loud and often. He/she can easily cry but suddenly laugh if he/she thinks something funny while he/she is crying. He/she can’t walk normally rather runs, jumps. His/her senses always at work. He/she is good at imitating. He/she can easily change subject while he/she is talking about something. He/she can forget the subject before he/she begins a conversation. He/she is very plainspoken. He/she is interested in education and collecting knowledge. He/she can begin doing anything, but he/she can’t finish. He/she is a flighty. He/she is interested in gaming, having fun, reading a book, pictures and music. He/she loves beauty of materials. He/she can have fun with anything. He/she is polite and elegant. He/she is not an egoist. He/she is sensitive about others feelings, happiness and sadness. He/she is benevolent. He/she likes pets but gets bored soon.

Man : He is very fond of women, impatient and cheater in his relationships. He can’t do long-term relationships with women. He is an ideal one-night stand.

Woman : Elegant, cute, frivolous but charming and sensitive. She is also an ideal one-night stand. Open for dermatitis, malaria, loss of blood, paralytic stroke and heart growth problems. She has to sweat to avoid of these health problems. She has not to work hard and get excited.

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Face Reading Physiognomy Personology Dictionary

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