Nov 252009

Body Features : Thin, brown or red hair, blue eyes, white, thin and soft skin, nose, ear and mouth are big, disordered teeth, red cheeks, hands and feet are big and dull pupils.

He/she is cool, patient, sparing and avaricious! He/she looks like dull, walks, speaks, eats, slowly. He/she is not in a hurry. He/she doesn’t like moving. He/she has lots of time for everything. He/she doesn’t care about his/her dress or what he/she is wearing. He/she is totally messy and he/she never wants to change it. He/she doesn’t defend himself/herself against his/her parents when he/she is being warned about something. He/she never bothers somebody. He/she doesn’t call his/her friends but doesn’t run away from them, either. His/her friends don’t really love him/her but don’t hate him/her, either. He/she doesn’t like playing tiring games. He/she likes watching games. Life is : good food (he/she is a glutton), good sleep and a comfortable home for him/her. He/she is the last one sitting around the dining table. He/she doesn’t like tiring travels. His/her senses are so weak. He/she doesn’t care about what’s going on around him/her. He/she looks but never sees. He/she doesn’t care changes. He/she doesn’t care others’ joys or problems. He/she wishes somebody could do what he/she has to do. Don’t wait a great success at job from this character type. He/she has no idea about “desire”. He/she doesn’t like to have a chat.

Woman : The ideal bride.

Probable Body Diseases : Eye diseases, ear problems, cold, bronchitis, sore throat, diarrhea, tuberculosis and scrofula.

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