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|Your Body Tells The Truth|
* All Creatures behave according their genesis form.
* The Practice of Trying to Judge Character and Mental Qualities by Observation of Bodily, Especially Facial, Features.
What does your body tell about your character? How can you find your right partner, groom or bride? How can you find your right employee? Don’t you want to know something about the character of a person whom you’ve first time seen? Here is the right place to get some detailed answers. All these information about face reading physiognomy is just for original body parts. Family, social life and extreme experiences can affect original character…
* Note : Actually face reading physiognomy is NOT related to astronomy. All these physiognomy face reading information based on an (Handwriting) old book which is not in Chinese language also not about Chinese art and not written to make money, therefore all content on this site is unique. I’m trying to understand and translate that physiognomy face reading book (it’s more like a dictionary) into English. Sorry about my grammar mistakes…
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Face Reading Physiognomy Personology Dictionary