Big ears : Ignorance and lazy.

Small ears : Sensitive soul.

Bended ears : High intelligence.

If borders of the ear are scattered : Stupid.

If ears big, flat, thin but have no plaits : Fool, rude and mingy.

Amorphous and colorless ears : Fool.

If ears have any plaits and very flat : Impotent and someone who feels happy If others suffer.

Swollen ears : Thoughtless.

If tip of the ears are bent : Gluttony, rude.

If tip of the ears are NOT bent : Music interest.

If woman has little, pink and little bit aparted from skull ears : Unfaithful, intelligent and trickster.

If ears aparted from skull : Trickster, talkative, unfaithful.

If earlobe is adjacent to skull : Gossiper.

Rounded and meaty ears : Bad character.

Highness of the ear : Mannerless.

Long and meaty ears : Lazy, haughty and insolent.

Thin, plaited, rounded and fat ears : A Normal IQ.

Plaited, well drawed, pink ears : A person who speaks in the right place at the right time and makes people believe him/her.

Published by Face Reading Physiognomy Personology Dictionary

Face Reading Physiognomy Personology Dictionary

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