Eyebrow or Eyebrows

Dark black eyebrows : Generally a good character.

Dense eyebrows : Benevolent and stingy.

Vertical, flat and fat eyebrows : Cold blooded, cool and tolerant.

Soft and rare eyebrows : Daydreamer.

Thin eyebrows : Arrogance, pride and probably a heart disease.

Vertical, thick and well separated eyebrows : High intelligence, good character and heart.

Eyebrows like a bow : Pure and goodhearted.

Thick and scattered eyebrows : Aggressive, nervous, characterless and a sorrowful life.

Dense and soft eyebrows : Politeness, strong mind and high intelligence.

If eyebrows have thick wires and curved like a bow : Generous, benevolent and goodhearted.

If a flat eyebrow curved on the corner : Good character.

If eyebrows too close to eye : Really good high intelligence.

Short and mixed eyebrows : Good at keeping secret and good memory.

If eyebrows far from each other and separate forehead to 2 parts : Low intelligence.

Frowning eyebrows : Jealous, nervous and double faced.

If eyebrows sharpen at the end : Merciless, coward and a person who tortures to a little person than his/her.

Hard and straight eyebrows : Bravery.

Long eyebrows : Gossiper, sower of discord.

If eyebrows curved down at the end : A heart disease.

If eyebrows curved up at the end : Frivolous but charming.

If eyebrows has sharp end : Bad character.

If eyebrows are thin like sickle : Sensitive person.

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