Nov 252009

Big eyes : Beauty, frivolous and/or a liver disease.

Small eyes : Flighty.

Black eyes : Well-mannered.

Hazel eyes : Sweet-natured, patient, mannerly, faithfulness.

Auburn eyes : Bravery.

Light hazel eyes : Politeness.

Blue eyes : insensitive, merciless, malicious, disinterested.

Green eyes : Cursed, malicious.

Light blue eyes : Daydreamer, artist, pure.

Bright eyes : High intelligence.

Very big and bright eyes :
High intelligence and well-mannered.

Very big and transparent eyes : Suspicious and cantankerous.

Small and sharp eyes : Active, snob and brutal.

Smiling eyes : Benevolent.

Smiling apple of eyes : Frivolous.

Languid eyes : Steals hearts.

Languorous looking eyes : High intelligence and sensuality.

Well-rounded eyes : A heart disease.

Deep-set eyes : Haughty.

Dotted eyes : Effective and impressive.

One-eyed : Bad character.

Cross-eyed : Inauspicious.

Clipped eyes : Inauspicious.

Protruding eyes : Insanity, extravagant, stubborn, brutish emotions.

Downcast eyes : Still waters run deep.

Fixed looking eyes : Stubborn and jealousy.

Downcast and thoughtful eyes : Daydreamer.

Red and bloody eyes : Dangerous.

Looking high eyes : Trickster.

Extinct eyes : Coward.

Half closed and dark looking eyes : Sorrowful.

If apple of the eyes are big : Bravery.

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