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Finger Types

Finger Types












There are 4 main finger types :

1: Angular (square) fingers.

2: Sharp (pointed) fingers.

3: Spoon (spatula) fingers.

4: Conic fingers. (Mix of angular (square) and sharp (pointed) fingers)
1: Angular (square) fingers :
“Fingers have to be completed angular (square) and proportional”

Someone who has angular (square) fingers is a ; Cool, calm, self-confident, peevish, successful, handy, skillful, stingy, hardworking, polite and well-mannered person.

When someone needs some help from this person, he/she has to explain clearly and honestly why he/she needs some help from him/her. He/she loves his/her job and family. He/she is a leader at home. He/she can be more successful at hand/body working than mind working. He/she can quickly understand everything about materials. He/she easily gets down to details of materials. He/she is a realist. He/she is really good at rat race. He/she can die from sadness.
2: Sharp fingers :
“Fingertips have to be sharp”

Someone who has sharp fingers is a ; weak-spirited, lazy, incompetent, carefree, not self-confident, daydreamer, talkative, ungrateful and artist spirited person.

He/she has no idea! He/she moves with his/her heart and feelings. He/she is addicted to comfort. He/she doesn’t like family life and kids. He/she likes to get dolled up. He/she is like water; good with good people, bad with bad people. He/she is not equitable. He/she is really good in arts. He/she doesn’t like to have a friendly chat. He/she hates housework. He/she is a mad lover.
If a sharp and angular (square) fingered person get married : It’s a big mistake !

If thumb of the sharp fingered person is long : self-confident and understanding.
3: Spoon (spatula) fingers :
Someone who has spoon fingers is a ; fatalist, bold, reckless, tireless, stable, gluttonous, self-confident, arrogant, hardworking, skillful and messy person.

He/she lets matters take their natural course. He/she believes his/her egos. He/she never accepts help from anyone. He/she loves nature and natural life. He/she is not fond of elaborately decorated things. He/she is not afraid of dying. He/she hates office jobs. He/she can be a really good sailor and farmer. He/she is really good at hand/body work. He/she enjoys sleeping late and waking up early. He/she is not interested in arts and he/she is not a showman. He/she cares for his/her life, comfort, freedom and material richness. He/she enjoys travelling. A spoon fingered artist believes he/she is the best artist all over the world. He/she can easily learn to do something before he/she learns how to do it. (Like learning to drive a car before getting a driving license.) If you want to have a really good manservant, you have to find a spoon fingered person.

If thumb of the spoon fingered hand is wide and long : He/she is a revolutionary!
4: Conic fingers : (Mix of angular (square) and sharp fingers)
Someone who has conic fingers is a ; peacemaker, complaisant, equitable, partisan of freedom, happy, compassionate, intelligent, skillful, peevish and orderly person.

He/she can immediately realize that he’s/she’s been cheated. He/she confesses when he/she makes something wrong. He/she doesn’t ignore truths. He/she knows what beauty means. He/she loves literature and poetry. He/she has a good imaginary. He/she is really good at peace making. He/she gets angry and becomes calm quickly. Anything can cheer he/she is up. He/she never gets older. If somebody wants to make he/she is a slave, he/she has to agree that he/she is bigger than him/her. He/she can be famous when he/she well-educated. He/she can easily put materials in order. A conic fingered housewife can do all house works perfectly.
Tips about fingers : To dream/imagine belongs to sharp fingers, to plan and arrange that dream belongs to angular (square) fingers, and make that dream become true belongs to spoon fingers.

Imagine an angular (square), a sharp (pointed) and a spoon (spatula) fingered person are walking on the road for a goal ; Sharp fingered becomes tired early and abandons, angular (square) fingered person walks with patience till the end, and spoon fingered person doesn’t walk, rather he/she runs happily till the end of the road.
Fingers one by one features :

Small and thin fingers : Insanity and madly.

If fingers are not close to each other : Arrogant, high intelligence and not good at keeping secrets.

If fingers are very close to each other : Good at keeping secrets, high intelligence and religious.

If fingers easily turn backside : Skillful and trickster.

If fingers are close at fingertips but separated at bottoms : Some (diseases) problems with body.

If fingers are close at bottoms : Good at keeping secrets and religious.

If thumb is skewed to other fingers : Stingy and adulatory.

If thumb is skewed into hand : Weak-willed.

If forefinger is skewed to thumb : Egoist and ambitious.

If ring finger is taller than forefinger : Talentless and thoughtless.

If forefinger is taller than ring finger : Successful.

If middle finger is skewed to forefinger : Addicted to live in comfort and at pleasure.

If middle finger is skewed to ring finger : Showman and interested in arts.

If ring finger is skewed to little finger : Interested in science and arts.

ring finger is as long as middle finger : Interested in games and making adventure.

Long thumb : Resolute, strong-willed and stable.

Short thumb : Weak-willed, untrustworthy, stupid and unstable.

Wideness of the thumb : Intelligence level.

Narrowness of the thumb : Trickster.

There are 3 nodes on fingers:

1. node (close to fingertip) shows skills and intelligence. (organ: head)

2. node (in the middle) shows level of IQ, senses and desires. (organ: heart)

3. node (close to hand) shows managing skills. (organ: stomach)

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