Wide forehead : Busy and thinking brain.

If upper surface of the forehead is swollen : Strong memory.

If central of the forehead is swollen : Fast thinking brain.

If bottom of the forehead is swollen : Skillful at job and in arts.

If central of the forehead is hollow : Arrogant.

Very small forehead : Mental deficiency.

High and swollen forehead : High intelligence and understanding.

Flat and straight forehead : A bad body and getting sick frequently.

Proportional forehead : Common-sensical.

Narrow and low forehead : Stubborn and not thinking brain.

Narrow, low and protruding forehead : To show courage without thinking.

Long with a hollow forehead : Bad character.

Very long and flat forehead : Perfectionist, apprehension and catty.

Bright and rounded at the top forehead : Genius and goodness.

arrow and hard forehead : Determination and solidity.

ertical and protruding at the top forehead : Serious, well-mannered and being able to see the future.

Really big and amorphous forehead : Thickheaded.

Slanting backside forehead : Daydreamer and brutish emotions.

Puckered forehead : Scientist.

leshy forehead : Brave and nervous.

Swollen and defective forehead : Cheater.

If a young person has slim lines on forehead : Sorrowful.

Wide and high forehead : Low intelligence.

Low and cambered forehead : A person who can’t decide and move on his/her own.

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Face Reading Physiognomy Personology Dictionary

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