Black (dark) hair : Shows oneĀ“s respect, sake, movement.

Thin (slim) dark hair : Sensitive body, cares about good health.

Very dark hair : Jealous.

Dark chestnut hair : Get alongs with each other, shows loyalty.

Muddy hair : Disposition, not shows loyality, untrustworthy.

Pale and seems like washed hair : Addicted to material and soul, mocker.

Long, flat, thin blond hair : Low resolution.

Blond hair : Arrogance, pride, anger, trickster.

Light blond hair : Daydreamer.

Gold blond hair : Tender, coward.

Thin (slim) hair : Sensitive heart.

Hard hair : Hard and stubborn.

Soft hair : Obtrusive and coward.

Long and rare hair for man : Cares about good health and food, prefers anything good, comfortable and modern for his life.

Dense and hard hair : Authoritarian and hard.

Straight and hard hair : Snob and arrogance.

Dense and much hair : Stupid.

Curly hair : Dutiful.
If hair has big curls : Stubborn.

If hair can easily being combed to the left and right side of the head : Untrustworthy.

If hair is not poured but rare : A person who thinks to much or a disease or addicted to materials.

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Face Reading Physiognomy Personology Dictionary

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