Big and a rounded head : Discreetness, keeps secrets, perseverance and benefactor.

Long and a sharp head : Impolite and jealous.

Big head and wide face : Impolite and heartless.

Sloping (frontside) head : Can separate good and bad.

Highness of the (rear) head : Tenderhearted for children.

High skull : Clever, intelligent.

Flat and wide head : Incurious and carefree.

Wide at the top and big head : Tidiness.

Bumps at the top of skull : Hypochondriac, apprehension.

Stickiness of the (rear) head : Theft.

Small sized head : Stupid, can’t keep secrets.

Medium sized head : Intelligent.

Big head : Much more intelligent.

Low sided (both left and right) head : Aggressive, impatient.

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Face Reading Physiognomy Personology Dictionary

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