Nov 252009

Big Lips : Beauty and sexual desire for man.

Thick and big lips : Sexual desire, pureness and laziness for woman.

Thin lips : High intelligence and trickster.

Very thin lips : Jealousy.

If upper lip is bigger than the other : Patient, generous and grudging.

If lower lip is bigger than the other : Sexual desire and gluttony.

Thin and looking like puffy lips : Sexual desire and gluttony.

If upper lip is behind than the other : Impatient and aggressive.

If lower lip is behind than the other : Good character.

If both lips are outside the mouth : Good character.

Thin and adjacent lips : Stubborn and bad character.

Thin lips and big mouth : Very bad character.

Very small lips : A showman.

If lips don’t touch each other completely and can’t close mouth : Stupid.

If lower lip has a hollowness in the middle : Politeness.

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