Character Type “4” (Stubborn)

He/she is a quiet, serious, suspicious and mopish person. He/she is lost in thought. He/she doesn’t have any hope for the future. He/she can’t enjoy his/her life. He/she doesn’t believe that someone really loves him/her. He/she can’t trust anybody even himself/herself. He/she is an egoist and arrogant. He/she wants his/her goods always in safe and locked. He/she is stubborn. He/she is always in doubt. He/she is touchy. He/she hates jokes. He/she can easily revolt against his/her teacher or parents. He/she can leave home and never comes back again. He/she is jealous and lazy. Events happening around him/her affect him/her deeply, therefore when he/she hates someone, nobody can’t change his/her mind for years. He/she is not nervous but becomes dangerous when he/she is angry. He/she can think about something for days. He/she likes to show his/her skills to his/her friends. He/she likes deep thinking about everything.
He/she can be very good at : Music, literature, poetry and philosophy.