Relationship Between Body Types and Character

There are 3 main body types related to Kretschmer Classification :

1 Asthenic Type 2 Pyknic Type 3 Athletic Type

I looked at my physiognomy book and found some related character features for these body types :
1 Asthenic Body Type Features :
Tall, thin, long arms and legs, small head, triangular face, forehead slanting backside, bumpy nose, straight and wide eyebrow, small chin and weak muscles. You can clearly see rib cages of this type. Although asthenic type is glutton, it can’t get fat.
Asthenic Body Type Character :
A character that always being affected, being managed and used by others. Actually a good character, for example a person who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Asthenic types usually have spoon or sharp fingers. Asthenic types are usually withdrawn, sensitive and emotional. Asthenic types get older quickly. I think asthenic body type is related to Character Type “2” Brave
Probable mental disease : Schizophrene.
2 Pyknic Body Type Features : Short and fat body, short neck, domed forehead, rounded or angular (square) face, short arms, legs and weak muscles.
Pyknic Body Type Character :
A person who was born to manage and/or lead and use the people. An ideal manager and/or leader. Management by intelligence and senses. He/she never makes eye contact with people. Pyknic type always takes and/or pulls the materials to his/her body. Pyknic type is social, he/she loves food and his/her pleasures.
Probable mental disease : Manic depressive psychosis.
For example : He/she brings the ashtray closer instead of bending front his body and extending his/her hand to the ashtray while he/she’s smoking.
3 Athletic Body Type Features :
Strong muscles and bones, tall, hard, wide and triangular (from shoulder to hips) body, oval or angular (square) face, flat nose, long neck.
Athletic Body Type Character :
Mix of asthenic and pyknic types. Athletic type can manage (not better than pyknic type) or be managed (less than asthenic type). Management by body and senses. Athletic types usually have angular (square) hands and/or fingers. Athletic types are usually active, social, reckless and aggressive. Low risk of mental diseases. I think athletic body type is related to Character Type “1”Active
We can extend the character features of these body types by looking at the other topics on this blog.

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