Nov 252009

There are 3 nodes on fingers:

1. node (close to fingertip) shows skills and intelligence. (organ: head)

2. node (in the middle) shows level of IQ, senses and desires. (organ: heart)

3. node (close to hand) shows managing skills. (organ: stomach)
Sharp ring finger : An extreme skill.

Conic ring finger : Good at trading.

Angular (square) ring finger : A person who´s excessively fond of money and art.

Short ring finger : A person who can’t behave on his/her own.

Long ring finger : Showman and addicted to fame.

Shapeless ring finger : Jealousy and low-minded.

If 1. node is long : An art lover.

If 1. node is short : A person who doesn’t like art.

If 1. node is meaty : Addicted to beauty.

If 2. node is long : Skill and high intelligence in arts.

If 2. node is short : A person who can’t produce nothing.

Longness or shortness of the 3. node : Skill and intelligence level in arts.

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