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Nov 252009

Big nose : Hypochondriac, fearful.

Short nose : Fearful like a chicken.

Long Nose : Insensitive but philanthropic.

If tip of nose is close to mouth : Stubborn.

Flat and wide nose : Sexual desire.

Big and meaty nose : Covetous, beggar and gluttonous.

A puff in the middle of the nasal : High intelligence and conscientious.

If there is no lowness between nose and forehead : Bad character.

Hook nose : Bad character, talkative and stingy.

If tip of nose is big and rounded : Good character.

If tip of nose is red and rounded : Alcoholic and partyboy.

If tip of nose is well rounded : Good character.

Red nose : Stubborn and rude.

Low nose : Stupid.

If nose is big, rounded and puffy : Tenderness.

If tip of nose is flat and square : Very High IQ.

If tip of nose is upright : Daydreamer, snob, arrogant and jealous.

If nasal is narrow : Suspicious.

If nose is low at eye level : Flabbiness.

If wings of nose is wide open (for woman) : Sensitive soul, sometimes a sorrowful life.

If wings of nose is wide open (for man) : Curious.

Very big nostrils : Sexual desire, jealous, arrogant.

Narrow nostrils : Lung disease.

Very narrow nostrils : a person who always wants to learn the truth, researcher.

If nostrils open and close easily : Sexual desire.

Closed nostrils : Arrogance, loneliness, unlucky.

Sharp Nose : Foxy.