asthenic type » Face Reading Physiognomy Dictionary

Nov 252009

Big face : Low IQ.

Small face : Arrogant and trickster.

Bump face : Stingy and jealousy.

Flat face : Simple-hearted. A person who can easily be cheated.

Thin face : Trickster and aggressive.

Soft face : A person who shows his/her respect, kind-hearted and merciful.

Meaty face : A person who battens on others.

Hard face : Merciless and rudeness.

Long and wide face : Gluttonous.

Long Face : Talkative and liar.

Wide face : A person whose words are mostly painful.

If cheekbones can be clearly seen on face : Anemia, probably a stomach disease, coward and foolish.

There are 4 main face types :

1 Triangular face is related to : Asthenic body type.

2 Rounded face is related to : Pycnic body type.

3 Angular (square) face is related to : Athletic body type.

4 Oval face is a mix of the all 3 face types above…