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Nov 252009

Small, short and strong teeth : Hypochondriac.

Mat, little bit yellowish, straight and strong teeth : Healthy body and good character.

If upper teeth in front of the upper lip : A person who poke his/her nose into everything, a self-seeker, nit picker.

If teeth touch lower lip : Stingy, Rude and Trickster.

If upper teeth are not close to each other : A quiet and calm person.

Strong and shape teeth : A long life, atrocious, trickster, gluttonous.

Wide and thick teeth : A person who was born only to eat.

If teeth are not close to each other at the gum line : Unfriendly.

Small teeth : Frivolous but charming.

If the 2 front upper teeth are big : Jealousy.

Small and sharp teeth : Bad character.

If teeth are not straight and bad arranged : Stubborn and merciless.

Strong, good arranged and mat teeth : Studiousness.

Rare teeth : Luckiness and happiness.

Wide and white teeth : Honesty.

Short and rare teeth : Politeness.

Big teeth : Stubborn.