Nov 252009

Body Features : Yellowish skin, bushy, black and hard hair, black or hazel eyes, wide forehead, big nose, strong muscles and bones.
Character features : Bravery, high intelligence, proud, hardworking, friendly, hot, stable and fickle.
He/she has a big liver. He/she is stable at work and an insistent person. Women of this character type is a black-eyed brunette. He/she loves passion and sensuality. If he/she likes something, she can do everything to have it. He/she is extremely jealous. A person of this character type is open for liver, digestion and hemoroid problems. He/she quickly gets angry. He/she cares about his/her body and passions. He/she is daring, stubborn and snob. He/she is a real grudger and tormentor. You can clearly see all emotions on their faces. He/she is not contented. He/she is only interested in big things, events, jobs and passions. He/she always wants to rise and get bigger at his/her job. He/she always wants to beat others at work. He/she wants to get married in earlier life term. He/she loves when someone talks him/her politely. He/she always wants to show that he/she is the greater one. He/she always wants to rule every games. You can easily recognize this type of character when he/she is playing a game. He/she always wants to rule the game, take the lead, manage others. When you push him/her out of game, he/she tries to find a way to get in again, or tries to break down it. If you want to have a friendship with this character type, you will have to agree he/she is the greater one than you. Difficulties make him/her braver and reckless. He/she never gives up until the end of story. He/she likes jobs that need bravery, speed and hardworking. He/she likes to be a soldier. He/she is despot and he/she enjoys torturing his/her or others’ pets. He/she enjoys playing the tough. He/she declines his/her punishment. He/she can go against his/her manager or chef. He/she can easily revolutionize people against the other people whom he/she doesn’t like. Children who have this character type force their parents to do what they want. He/she can throw himself/herself from one place to another (even menace) if something that he/she wants to be done. He/she can easily confess but never apologizes. If he/she is really good educated, he/she will be useful for humankind. This character type is like water. He/she becomes good in good hands, bad in bad hands. His/her senses are not stronger than the Character Type “1” but his/her senses effect him/her deeply. He/she can quickly decide to do something. He/she is a slave to lust. A person who has this type of character have to be contented.