Nov 252009

There are 3 nodes on fingers:

1. node (close to fingertip) shows skills and intelligence. (organ: head)

2. node (in the middle) shows level of IQ, senses and desires. (organ: heart)

3. node (close to hand) shows managing skills. (organ: stomach)
Sharp forefinger : Dreamer.

Conic forefinger : Fussy, sweet-natured and kind-hearted.

Angular (square) forefinger : A person who loves orderliness.

Short forefinger : Balanced passion.

Long forefinger : Addicted to passion.

If 1. node is long and angular (square) : Ungodliness, scepticism and indeterminate.

If 1. node is meaty : Addicted to sensuality.

If 1. node is dry : Religious.

Domed nails : Scrofula and chest diseases.

If 2. node is long : A desire which needs to be satisfied.

If 2. node is short : Laziness and lethargy.

If 2. node is dry : Fame desire.

If 3. node is short : Weak character.

If 3. node is dry : A perfect religious.